Studying Music Increases Academic Abilities

Brain MusicMuch research has been done correlating the study of the Arts (particularly reading music) with higher achievements in academics as well.  Students who spend focused time learning musicianship learn to work well with others more easily, gain a greater sense of responsibility, and learn how to apply themselves to something difficult and keep trying until they achieve the results that they want.

Additionally, studies show time and time again that students studying the Arts gain greater academic abilities.  This is largely due to some basic mechanics of the human brain.  Without going into great detail, the brain is separated into two hemispheres each of which perform different functions. To state it simply, one side is logical, the other is creative.  When we study music, however, both side of the brain are activated which, in turn, causes the signals in our brain to go back and forth between the two hemispheres very quickly, building stronger connections.  These stronger connections then allow us to access information more quickly.  It is sort of like the large wires we use to connect speakers to a sound source, the larger the wire, the more powerful it is.  The same is true of music, the more frequently the two hemispheres of a person’s brain communicate back and forth, the more powerful that connection becomes, making it faster and easier for that person to retrieve that information.  Further, since the person has accessed both sides of his/her brain so frequently s/he is more able to use both creativity and logic to solve any given problem.  Thus, studying the Arts creates higher achievement academically as well as artistically.


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