Band is comprised of several instruments, but three main families of instruments.  These include the brass family, the woodwind family, and the percussion family.

Brass Family

Brass instruments are played by buzzing air into a mouthpiece and that air resonating through the tubes of the instrument being played.

Percussion Family

Percussion instruments include most anything that is played by striking two things together. Percussion is divided into two main groups: pitched and unpitched instruments.  As it sounds, pitched percussion instruments include those instruments that sound a specific pitch when played (such as a xylophone or a bell), while unpitched percussion instruments do not sound on a specific pitch.

Woodwind Family


Woodwind instruments have two main categories: flutes and reed instruments.   Flutes are played by wind vibrating over the top of the instrument’s opening.  Reed instruments, on the other hand, produce their sound by focusing air into a mouthpiece which causes a reed or reeds to vibrate.

All pitched instruments can be divided into voicings of soprano, alto, tenor, or bass.

*We will only be learning to play the major instruments from each family.

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