Maintaining Your Instrument

Cleaning (actually its drying)

You don’t actually clean a flute, you dry it by removing the moisture from the inside. The pads of a flute do not like moisture.  Do this drying procedure after every time you play.

Take a cloth that is neither too big nor too small.

Fold the cloth in half lengthwise and thread one of the edges through the hole in the cleaning rod.

Flute Cleaning Rod

Wrap the cloth over the top of the rod so that you get the cloth all the way in as far as the rod can reach.

Now wrap the cloth tight all the way down the rod and hold the cloth at the end of the rod in your RIGHT hand.  This way the cloth will never bunch up and get stuck in your instrument. Flute Cleaning Rod Wrap

The most important part of the flute to dry is the headjoint because it gets the most wet. Push the rod all the way in, twisting it as you move it in and out.

Flute Cleaning Head Joint

If you play for a longer period then also dry the body of the flute by first inserting the cleaning rod from one side and then the other side.

Flute Cleaning Body

Unravel the cloth, fold it in half and then in half again very neatly.  Now place it in the case on the headjoint side because there will be less keys on that side, you don’t want to squish any keys.

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