Capitol Singers

Capitol Singers is a mostly a cappella singing group comprised of select 7th/8th grade students at Capitol School.  The goal is to create excellent musicianship through a multitude of performance opportunities, a wide array of musical styles, and the habits of musicianship.  Students are encouraged to take consecutive trimesters of choir as the curriculum changes with each new trimester. We will spend time learning about voice type, assess prior skill, and provide students with opportunities to perform at a variety of settings.  Capitol Singers perform music of all genres from Renaissance to jazz.  In addition to the regular concerts held at the school, Capitol Singers will perform at the State Fair and other venues where appropriate, as well as the opportunity to attend outside performances by other excellent ensembles.

  • Concerts are an extension of the classroom and attendance is required.
  • Music is selected from many historical periods and styles.
  • All students will be challenged to improve their individual musicianship.
  • All students will be provided with the opportunity to experience musical excellence in both daily rehearsals and performances.
  • Additional funds may be required for field trips, tours, concert/theater tickets, etc.  This information will be sent out as the opportunities come up and will be infrequent and relatively inexpensive.
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