Capitol School Music Ensembles

Band               Strings

Choir              Instrumental Class Schedule

Participating in a musical group leads to intellectual, creative and personal growth.  The study of music teaches trustworthiness, respect for self and others, responsibility, fairness, compassion,. and citizenship reinforcing the Character Counts traits we teach as a school.  Further, research shows time and again that the study of music leads to greater intellectual abilities both in and out of the music classroom. Music education is an education for life leading to lifelong appreciation and enjoyment of music.  Also it simply builds self-confidence and is fun for any age!

Our program provides every 4th-8th grade student the opportunity to learn to participate in an instrumental ensemble.  Students may choose to play one of a myriad of instruments and I will do my best to give them the instrument of their choice, but this will be based on availability of instrument and balance of the grade level ensemble as a whole.

Students come to Band/Strings twice a week during their regularly scheduled Specials classes for 45 minutes comprised of one day with like-instrument groups and the other day with whole ensemble classes.  (See the schedule here).

Students are expected to bring their instrument, their music, a pencil, and a good attitude to class every day.

We will begin sign-up for Band and Strings classes at Capitol’s Open House on August 1st from 4:30-6pm in the cafeteria, next to the Band Room.

Please note that students are expected to stay on the instrument that they are assigned at the beginning of the year with exceptions only allowed on a case by case basis at teacher discretion.  This decision will be based, again, on availability of instruments and balance across the grade level ensemble as well as how much legitimate effort a student is putting in to learning their assigned instrument.
I look forward to working with these young musicians as they begin their journey down this musical path!!
Karen Merkley
Instrumental Music
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